2021 – Fourth 5th Sunday Money Shoot…

What a day. Last night there was a lot of fog at my house so I figured it would be foggy for the 5th Sunday Money Shoot. But to my surprise it was 50 degrees when I got up Sunday morning and no fog at all. I expected to hit some fog on my way to the Cooperstown Sportsman’s Club. But none, only some light moisture on the wind shield. It was a nice day to shoot for October 31, 2021. No sun in our eyes.

The shoot went along very well. Not many showed up. I don’t know if it was because it is Halloween and everyone was afraid to be around someone with a gun or was everyone at home getting ready for a huge night of trick or treating. I don’t know but we had fun anyway.

Randy ran away with the big money. He was shooting well and got 24 the first round and another 24 the 2nd round. Paul was 2nd and I followed up with third shooting the .410.

I want to thank everyone who shot in the 5th Sunday Money shoot today.  

The next 5th shoot is January 30, 2022. Please let people know and bring a friend.

Thanks for your time.

Until next time, Jim DeBar

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