November Trap Update…

On November 6th the association held their first ATA Doubles Marathon. Eight registered shooters were in attendance and 1,800 birds were thrown! We couldn’t have asked for a better fall day to shoot. Ric Cammer had the high score for the day with a 178/200. He shot a very impressive 96/100 in his second round! Bill Compton was close behind and finished 2nd with a 172. Special thanks goes out to Darrin Cooke, Clementine Casterlin and Bob Navratil for assisting with the shoot.

On November 11th we threw our final registered shoot of the year. This was a last minute decision to take advantage of the nice weather and celebrate Veterans Day. In honor of our Veterans we waived the ATA fee for Veterans in attendance. Again we had terrific weather for November and it showed on the scoresheet! Darrin Cooke and Ric Cammer both shot 98/100 in singles and Matt Monahan was close behind with a 97. The highlight of the day was Darrin Cooke running 75 straight!

November 13th will be our last regularly scheduled trap session until spring. We may throw together some impromptu shooting sessions if we get nice weather between now and then. If you’d like to be contacted when we shoot trap in the off season please reach out to Matt, Darrin or Bob.

Submitted by Matthew Monahan

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