2023 – First 5th Sunday Money Shoot…

Wow, what a nice day to shoot skeet for a day at the end of January. When I got up it was 23 outside so it may have been questionable. But at the skeet field the cold wasn’t bad. The wind hardly blew at all and there was enough overcast that the sun didn’t interfere with shooting.

Randy started off like a house afire but dropped off after the 1st round. Tom had a good 1st and 2nd round shooting one of his pump guns. But then he switched to the Over/Under and did excellent with a 23 and a 25. Excellent shooting.

Rick didn’t do so well on the first round but then had 2- 25 shot rounds for a total of 50 straight with his .410 and then followed that up with a 24 only missing the high 2 double. Excellent shooting. I am proud of my son.

Jim shot above his average and obtained a 25 with his 20 gauge in the last round.  

First went to Rick, 2nd to Tom and 3rd to Jim.

It was a nice day with some good shooting. Thank you all for your participation. The next 5th Sunday Money Shoot will be April 30. I hope you can all make it and bring a friend on Sundays since we all shoot starting around 8:00.

Submitted by Jim DeBar

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