2022 – Third 5th Sunday Money Shoot

What a wonderful day to shoot skeet. No wind, some sunshine and comfortable temperatures. We had a great time shooting. And some great shooting occurred too! I figured the average of shooters who shot was 21.8 which is one of the highest we have had for some time. Everyone is getting better, and the averages are going up. Practice is paying off.

The only disappointment is that this is the 1st time in 2 years that there wasn’t a DeBar on the podium. Rick wasn’t there and Dad got out shot by a good group of shooters.

Paul came in 1st by shooting three 24’s. Great job. Ray came in 2nd, and he got his first 25 on the last round. Congratulations!! He had two 23’s as well.  Good shooting Ray. 3rd place was Randy with a 23 and a couple 21’s.  The rest of us fell below them someplace but Greg got a 25 after not being there for several weeks. Nice job.

Everyone did well. Please join us again on October 30 for the next 5th Sunday Money Shoot.

Respectfully submitted by Jim DeBar

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