2022 – Second 5th Sunday Money Shoot…

What a beautiful day for the 5th Sunday Money Shoot held on May 29th. There was very little wind and scattered white clouds in the beautiful blue sky. Temperature was nice and NO Rain.

So how did it go? Although there were only a few shooters, there were some good scores. Paul was our hero Sunday as he shot a 25 on the first round and a 24 in the 3rd round. With those high scores he would have been hard to beat.

There were other high scores with 22’s and 23’s. Good shooting guys.

The winner was Paul, followed by Rick in 2nd shooting the .410 and then Randy in 3rd. Congratulation to everyone who participated on this wonderful day.  

The next 5th Sunday Money Shoot is July 31. I wish we could get some more shooters for this fun shoot.

Submitted by, Jim DeBar

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