Trap Update

Trap season is well underway! Friday night was our third week of youth league and our first time shooting full rounds. The rain held off but the wind picked up and gave shooters a real challenge. Ethan Kukenberger shot the high score for the night with a 34/50 and Raymond Glowicki had the high round with a 20/25. Honorable mention goes to Caden Laymon, Alex Pernat and Matthew Freer who all had impressive first night performances.

Saturday was the clubs first ATA shoot of the year. Despite cold damp weather we had a great turnout and very successful day. The club threw 1,000 birds, recruited 3 new club members and signed up 2 new ATA members. Singles high score was 49/50 shot by Alan Horse of Lowville. Ren Parsons of Guilford was a close second with 48/50. Honorable mention goes out to Scott Prewitt of Sherburne who had a 25 straight in his first registered shoot! Doubles high score was 46/50 shot by Matt Monahan of Cooperstown. Bill Compton of Unadilla was the runner up with 43/50. Our next registered shoot will be a doubles marathon on April 30th.

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