2021 – Second 5th Sunday Money Shoot…

We had to reschedule the Second Money Shoot from May 30, 2021 to June 6th, 2021 because the weather was miserable. May 30th was cold and wet, so it wasn’t hard to make the decision to move it to the next Sunday.

Well Sunday, June 6 was much nicer than a week ago. It was sunny, some blue sky and no rain. The wind did pick up a little but all of us were able to handle that (Ha, ha).

I am happy to report that Uncle Bob was the winner.  He took home 1st place and received $14.00. Second went to Rick who shot the only 24 using his .410 shotgun. Third went to Andy who is improving quite well from the time he started around a year or so ago. 

I am glad that we had 7 shooters but do wish we could bring in more. Glad to see Ted shooting, and well for 2 rounds with 23 and 21. Good job.

Hope to see everyone on the next 5th Sunday Money Shoot on August 29, 2021. Let’s hope that is as nice a day as June 6, 2021, was.

Submitted by Jim Debar

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