Rescheduled 5th Sunday Money Shoot…

The second 5th Sunday Money Shoot that was to be held May 30, 2021, was postponed to Sunday June 6.

Reason:  Upon arrival at the Sportsman’s Club on Sunday, May 30 we saw cold weather for May 30.  If you had your garden planted, you may have wondered if it froze off last night. The temperature got down to 39 degrees at my house and at the club it was 44 degrees. It is not that we are afraid of a little cold weather, (check the January 2021 5th Sunday Money Shoot letter) but it was also forecast to rain and had sprinkled on my way to the club. Checking the radar on the phone showed heavy rain starting about 9:30 and we wouldn’t have been completed by then. Now we have shot in rainy weather but not when it had been that cold.  

But we did practice because the rain had stopped by 8:00. Since there were only 7 people who came to shoot and using both fields were able to get our practice in and finished up just at the rain began to fall at 9:30, just as forecasted. Rick came to shoot and had a 25 for total of 92 dead clay birds, using his .410. Let’s see if we can beat that next week.

See you all Sunday June 6.

Submitted by Jim DeBar

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