2022 – First 5th Sunday Money Shoot

Well, it is January so you know it may be a cold day to shoot skeet.  Temperature at my house was 4 degrees this morning and the wind was blowing a little. After I got my driveway cleaned up, due to drifting snow, I was on my way to Cooperstown not knowing if we would shoot a 5th Sunday Money Shoot or not. We have shot in worse weather, but it can be cold with the wind blowing.

As I arrived at the Sportsmen’s Club the temperature was 9 degrees and no wind at all. Someone had already cleaned the skeet field off and loaded up the traps we were ready to Rock & Roll. There were only 4 shooters at that time and Rick suggested we keep out own scores rather than score on paper and shoot at the same time. Everyone agreed and off we went when another shooter arrived. So 5 people to shoot today.

In fact, it was a pleasant day. Without the wind the temp wasn’t bad.

You would think with it being so cold, the birds would break much easier but I guess they don’t. High scores were Randy with a 24 and 23 and Jim with a 23. In the end Randy won the shoot, Rick was 2nd and Jim was 3rd.

I want to thank everyone who participated. The next 5th Sunday Money Shoot is May 29th, and we’ll hope the weather is nicer that day verses last May’s shoot which was postponed a week because of cold miserable weather.

Respectfully submitted by Jim DeBar

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