2021 – First 5th Sunday Competitive Shoot

The first 5th Sunday Money Shoot took place in the last day of January. Wouldn’t you expect January to be a great time to shoot Sheet outdoors? Up here in the Northeast you can expect the weather to be brutal. And it started that way. When I left home the temperature was -4 degrees. That’s correct -4 degrees. As I drove to Cooperstown I was wondering if we could call it off this Sunday. Well, I got out of my truck and it didn’t feel so bad. As I got into the club house everyone was chipper and ready to shoot at them little flying birds. It was a bit of a smaller crowd. Only 6 brave shooters turned out on this cold day. But we had fun. A little sun and a little blue sky but no wind for several rounds and when it did blow it was very little.

There were seven 23’s shot today all by the top 3 shooters but nothing higher than that. In the 2nd round almost everyone fell apart but after a good pep talk, the 3rd and 4th rounds picked it up.

First place went to Jim DeBar. Second went to Randy Reckeweg and third to Rick DeBar.

Like I said before, it turned out to be a nice day. I think everyone had a good time. We all should be looking forward to another 5th Sunday on May 30th when the weather should be warmer.

Bring a friend.

Submitted by Jim DeBar

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