2020 – Third 5th Sunday Competitive Shoot

Well, here we are again. What an exciting Skeet Shooting match this was.  Numbers were down some because of hunting season as this 5th Sunday falling on November 29, 2020, smack dab in the middle of deer hunting season.

That set aside, we had a good time. The sun was in our eyes on station #1 and #2 for the first couple rounds.  But that got better.  There was very little wind, but it helped us as well. And I think the earth’s magnetic field was off just a few degrees leading to some ups and downs.

Nevertheless, we had some good scores. While no one had a 25, there were three 24’s and a 23 posted today. Our high scorer was Randy Reckeweg (Center). The next was a tie for 2nd between Rick DeBar (left) and Andy Demma (right), with Andy being very consistent. 

This was the last 5th Sunday Competitive Shoot for 2020. I am guessing we will look forward to the next 5th Sunday Competitive Shoot on the last day of January, January 31, 2021. Join us and shoot for the fun of it in the four 5th Sunday Money Shoots in 2021. Bring a friend too!

Of the three 5th Sunday Shoots held in 2020, there were 5 different shooters who took home the money, Rick had 2 firsts and a second, Randy had 1 first and a second, Paul had 2 thirds, Jim had a second and Andy had a 2nd.

Reported by Jim Debar

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