2020 – Second 5th Sunday Competitive Shoot

What a day. When I left home the temperature was 56℉, wind was blowing so I put in some 20-gauge shells and a coat. Does that sound like August weather? Well it is the last day of August so we can expect it to be cooler. But!! on the way to the Cooperstown Sportsmen’s Club it got worse. Rain came down and I was glad for a raincoat in the truck.

Well as I arrived at the Club, the weather had turned again. NO rain. Still cold and the wind was still blowing. Great skeet shooting weather, NOT!!

Everyone was anxious to see what we could do. The goal is 25 broken birds per round. For rounds is a perfect 100. I can tell you no-one shot that. But we did have one shooter who his 23 on a round. Great shooting Paul. There were several 22’s and many below that. Someone unexpectedly got a 15. So , we were all over the board. DARN that WIND.

Seven of the regular shooters participated. Winner for the day was Rick DeBar (center). Second was as Ted predicted, Jim DeBar (right). Paul Gardner took third (left).

Fun was had by all considering the weather. Or should I say, some were frustrated. Oh well, it was a good day for me. It warmed up too, all the way up to 61℉ when I left the club. I think that was the high for the day.

Please participate in our next 5th Sunday Competitive Shoot, November 29th, Just after Thanksgiving. We will have a few days off to work off Thanksgiving dinner and be ready to give it a whirl again. Bring a friend. Thanks to all.

Proud father of a winner.

Submitted by Jim Debar

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